Training and

Training and exercises are an essential part of preparedness. We draw on our extensive spill response experience to adapt training to your specific needs. Over the years, our team has developed and delivered training and exercises worldwide for governments and industry.


TRIOX can deliver a wide variety of training courses based on international best practices and our experience such as:

  • Oil Spill Response (IMO Level 1-2-3);
  • Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) spill response;
  • Inland spill response;
  • Shoreline Clean up and Assessment Technique (SCAT);
  • Oil Handling Facility (OHF) Oil Spill Response Tr/ining;
  • Response strategies training:
    • Offshore containment and recovery;
    • Dispersant use;
    • In situ burning;
    • Aerial observation;
    • Sheltered waters training
    • Shoreline response training
  • Design and/or evaluation of spill exercises;

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any unique training requirements your organization may have!


TRIOX Environmental Emergencies can develop and lead exercises according to your needs. We have experience in developing and leading tabletop, field deployment and full-scale exercises for inland, marine and offshore scenarios.

Implementing an exercise program will enable your team of responders to move from the theoretical stage to the practical stage, which will in turn ensure that response operations will be carried out appropriately.

Our clients

Our clients